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Vegan Labels for Vegan Products

Posted by Rebecca Sims on

vegan product labelsNovember is World Vegan Month!

No matter what type of product - be it vegan food, vegan cosmetics, vegan apparel - businesses that sell vegan products must ensure that their product is entirely vegan from production to sale, and this includes the packaging!

In comparison to vegetarians, vegans refuse not only meat but also all animal-based products such as dairy, eggs, and leather products. They want to make sure that the things that they buy and use are produced without animal products or animal testing.

Plastic, plastic alternatives (such as Distant Village  compostable cellophane bags, made from wood cellulose fibers), glass, and metal packaging can fulfill this need. Some paper packaging is acceptable provided that the process does not use animal-based glues.

ecofriendly vegan labels

Businesses that sell vegan products also need to be aware of their labeling - particularly the label glue. Traditionally, many glues and adhesives contain either glutin - made from animal waste products (“bone glue”) or casein - a protein from milk that is also used to make cheese. Both of these glue ingredients are entirely unsuitable for vegan products.

Luckily there are alternatives to animal product-based adhesives. The adhesives on PURE Labels are made with acrylic emulsion and contain no animal products. These labels ( custom printed, or blank ready-to-print) are the perfect choice for labeling products that are marketed to discerning vegan consumers.

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