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The first label range to help brand owners meet the entire recycling and compost challenge

Posted by Rich Cohen on

PURE Labels Compostable Labels

Every brand owner faces a major sustainability challenge: Packaging Recyclability. Since labels appear on a wide range of products, from produce stickers to pharmaceutical packaging, the adhesive label industry has historically been challenged with finding sustainable solutions. Different packaging components cannot easily be separated into individual waste streams, and sometimes post-consumer packaging can be heavily contaminated, for example with food residues, so that it becomes unrecyclable. PURE Labels facestock and adhesive materials allow all of the packaging to be composted – nature’s way of recycling.

The biodegradable & compostable label materials from PURE Labels means that label converters can finally help brand owners meet the recycling challenge in full. Biodegradable & compostable packaging allows dramatic reductions in waste going to landfill or incineration, ending landfill taxes and boosting brand credentials. Biodegradable packaging can be sent directly to municipal compost facilities, where taxes are lower than for landfill in many countries.

All adhesives, papers and films in the range are certified under EU directive EN13432. Sustainable sourcing is ensured by using FSC®-certified coated paper or bio-based filmic materials made from wood pulp. PURE Labels use the first biodegradable adhesive with direct food contact approval for dry, non-fatty foods.

By offering materials that are truly compostable and certified, converters can give brand owners a simple way to uphold their sustainability commitment to customers – by certifying their packaging – as well as new brand-building opportunities. These biodegradable materials are being adopted quickly by Elevate Packaging customers. Use certified compost industry logos on your product packaging and display sustainability commitment directly to consumers.

Facestocks in the biodegradable portfolio include uncoated and coated papers; wine-range papers and biodegradable films made from renewable non-GMO sources. All are supplied with our exclusive compostable adhesive and 40# liner.



White Paper

Standard coated FSC certified paper, widely used for food and beverages. Versatile, multi-functional, and economical compostable label.


Natural Sugarcane

Sugarcane paper for gourmet, wine & beverage, specialty products, cosmetics


White BioPlastic

Biodegradable white film suitable for direct contact with fruits, produce and vegetables. FDA certified. Wet, Grease, and Oil-resistant. Ideal for bodycare, lotions, wine, beer, spirits, produce, fruits.


Clear BioPlastic

Biodegradable clear film product suitable for direct contact with fruits, produce and vegetables. FDA certified. Wet, Grease, and Oil-resistant. Ideal for bodycare, lotions, wine, beer, spirits, produce, fruits.


Direct Thermal

Thermal paper widely used for food applications, especially meat and cheese.


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