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Rayne Home Decor


Rayne Home Decor of New Haven, Connecticut uses PURE Labels to give a unique, warm touch to their 4oz candle tins. Founded in 2013, Rayne currently produces hand-poured soy-based candles in fifteen scented varieties. The candles are made using as many sustainable ingredients as possible and are packaged in reusable containers.

Rayne’s candle tins feature PURE Labels 2” round, blank labels in “natural,” printed at home
in custom designs. “The natural color of the label combined with the fiber adds texture and
other elements that downplay the harsh metal,” says Bayne. “They fit beautifully. They're delicate but not to where you can't handle them...They're fantastic.”

Along with aesthetic appeal and functionality, Bayne cites easy ordering, customer service, and affordability as additional reasons she plans to return to PURE Labels in the future.

“A lot of small businesses are looking for options that are not just sustainable, but are affordable,” she says. “This is like the best of both worlds.”


Shoku Iku

Shoku Iku

Shoku Iku is a unique raw cafe and shop outside of Melbourne, Australia. Beyond creating natural foods that are both wholesome and tasty, the shop provides an inspired environment for holistic food education. We're proud that PURE Labels are a part of her modern vision
for a more healthful world!

Sustainability reigns supreme at Shoku Iku. Every detail in the shop was carefully considered for environmental impact. The natural quality of PURE Labels speaks volumes! Having "labels and other packaging materials that have the least impact on the environment tells a lot about our business."

For Yoko, PURE Labels provide a unique vision of sustainability: "the paper itself is quite beautiful, not the hard brown of recycled paper, so it communicates well with what people like to see."

They are "a great way to market the products" because the labels project "the image of stylish, organic, and minimal [which] goes well with what we overall represent."


Pacha Soap

Pacha Soap

Pacha Soap is a socially and environmentally responsible soap maker. For every bar of soap sold, they give one to a child in need. We love Pacha's inventive soaps and clean ethos, and they love that PURE Labels helps them convey their commitment to environmental and social values!

Thanks to the unique blend of eco-friendly hemp and wildgrass fiber that we use to make our natural paper labels, Pacha Soaps look like “like no other” on the shelf. Beyond visual differentiation, though, the strong fair trade message behind our artisanal paper offers "a great conversation piece in vendor meetings or at markets/tradeshows" which "ties into talking about our soap."

"The social aspect is a huge part of Pacha and wouldn't be the same with a standard’s one cohesive message, with soap and label.”


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