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Create Unique Promotional Materials

When thinking about using labels to promote your brand you aren’t limited only to product labels. There are many different ways that you can use sustainable labels!

Your labels don’t only have to contain your logo, or information about your product. You could print custom labels with a call to action. Encourage customers to support your cause, ask them to check out your website and social media, or let them know how to best dispose of your eco-friendly or compostable packaging (including the recycled or compostable label!).

Use exclusive stickers to hand out at an event, or give out stickers in store with your branding message on them. Once your sticker is in the hands of a customer they then become a marketing vehicle for your brand. You can also use eco-friendly stickers to open a dialogue with customers about your business’ sustainability practices.

Take a look at our custom label optionslearn more about our sustainable label materials, or contact us to discuss your needs.

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