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E-Juice & Vape


Empower your customers to recycle!

E-Juice and vapes are a rapidly growing market - Using e-cigarettes is not only better for the body than smoking tobacco (much fewer harmful chemicals!) but it can also be more eco-friendly. Re-usable tanks eliminate cigarette butt litter, but there is also the opportunity for recycling E-Liquid bottles and other packaging. By using PURE Labels you can stand out in a crowded new market by providing a more eco-friendly choice to your customers.

We understand that in a relatively new market, there are unique needs. With new regulations things often change, sometimes very quickly. Not only that, but there are also so many different products available and new products all the time! We're equipped to handle your unique needs: from eco-friendly packaging, to shorter print runs or multiple artwork.

Take a look at our custom label optionslearn more about our sustainable label materials, or contact us to discuss your needs.