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Sustainable Packaging In Food Service

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Are you looking for a complete compostable solution for your take-out containers? PURE Labels compostable labels are a great match for your eco-friendly food service containers!

 PURE Labels are the perfect match for Onyx Compostable Fiber Clamshell Packaging

The demand for food service disposables in the U.S. is projected to increase 3.9 percent every year, to 21.9 billion in 2019 (source: Now would be the perfect time to consider eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic packaging. Check out our website and apply PURE Labels to your products!

PURE Labelsare perfect for food service containers such as Eco-friendly clamshells and paperboard cartons. Our labels work as sustainable alternatives to everyday labeling. By using labels that are not compostable, you may end up trashing your investment in compostable packaging!

As well as custom printed compostable labels, we also offer compostable cellophane bags. These bags provide a complete compostable packaging solution for products such as candy or baked goods.

Eliminating Waste with PURE Labels

Using PURE Labels in combination with your sustainable packaging helps to eliminate waste and protect the earth’s fossil fuels.

One of the most harmful components of plastic or styrofoam packaging is the petroleum that is used to produce it. Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource that requires new fossil reserves to be extracted continuously. Since fossil fuels take years to form, using plastic for food packaging exhausts the earth of a natural resource. (Source: NRDC)

Environmental Benefits of Pure Labels

One of the problems with food service packaging is that it is used for only a few minutes and then tossed out in the trash. In comparison to biodegradable packaging, other forms of food service containers take 25-100 years to breakdown after they are only used once for a brief period of time. We can lessen the impact of disposable to-go containers by choosing an eco-friendly option,

PURE Labels offer a biodegradable solution that, combined with compostable products such as the food service containers offered by Onyx, does not fill landfills, create unnecessary waste, or harm the environment.

In fact, an article from illustrates how biodegradable packaging breaks down over a period of 19 days.

PURE Labels compostable labels are made with sugarcane pulp facestock, which is an ideal replacement for plastic labeling since it’s non-toxic and durable. Sugarcane pulp is considered a renewable resource and the production of sugarcane pulp does not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Pure Labels ensure that your products and packaging are fully compostable and appealing to the conscious consumer, so check out our website to place an order today! You won't be disappointed with the quality of Pure Labels or their ability to customize your product.

Branding your Product with PURE Labels

As well as being Eco-friendly, our compostable labels will help you brand your product. With our labels you won’t need to use non-compostable tape to close the container. Instead, you can create a custom label that performs two functions, to seal the container and to identify your business. For more ideas on using PURE Labels to promote your brand, check out our blog post: 6 Tips for Using Eco-friendly Adhesive Labels to Promote Your Brand.

Our labels are perfect for environmentally-friendly businesses, both large and small, interested in building a conscious brand for their consumers. When working with PURE Labels custom printed compostable labels, you can establish a professional look at a reasonable price. You won't be disappointed with the quality of Pure Labels or their ability to customize your product.

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