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Packaging for Sustainable Body Care and Cosmetics

Posted by Rebecca Sims on

Over recent years there has been a shift in the beauty industry towards natural and more sustainable products. Consumers are driving this change by looking for more transparency in the products they are willing to spend their money on. Modern consumers are more conscious of what they are putting onto their skin and hair, and they are also considering the environmental impact of the products they are choosing to purchase.

Honua Skincare ecofriendly packaging

The beauty industry has kept up with these demands for transparency and sustainability by moving towards cruelty-free practices and certifications, using organic and non-GMO ingredients, and creating vegan products.

It is also important for businesses in the beauty industry to consider how their products are packaged. Packaging is often the first experience a potential customer will have with your products; using sustainable packaging and labels sets the tone for an eco-friendly brand right from the start.

As the industry becomes greener and more socially responsible, businesses both large and small have an opportunity to get ahead by using eco-friendly packaging.

“When product price and perceived product quality are equal, consumers will increasingly be turning to eco- and alternative-use attributes as the deciding purchasing factor.” - Mintel, New technology and consumer demand influence 2016 packaging trends

Mountain Rose Herbs sustainable packagingWe are constantly developing new and innovative packaging, and offer a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes. We can help you with sustainable packaging solutions for your beauty and body care products!

We create beautiful sustainable custom packaging solutions. Entirely Compostable packaging and labeling, as well as recycled, is available, created using 100% wind powered facilities and printed using agri-based inks.

Don’t need custom packaging? Eco-friendly stock packaging for smaller businesses is available on our Etsy site.

Just need labels? Custom printed compostable and recycled labels suitable for the needs of cosmetic and beauty products are available from PURE Labels.

For more information on alternative sustainable packaging, please contact us at

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