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Changes at PURE Labels

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PURE Labels compostable and recycled labels

We’ve made some changes at PURE Labels this week to our custom printed labels!

Our source for the hemp paper that we have used as face stock for our custom labels has been unreliable and inconsistent, we wanted to improve this and also give our customers the same natural appeal and gain improved label performance at no additional cost.

Our hemp compostable custom labels have been discontinued, our fully compostable custom printed labels are now made from sugar cane. The labels remain tree-free and vegan and the material has been produced to be near identical.

The new sugar cane face stock has a similar natural look and appeal to the old hemp material and it remains fully compostable. The new material has been designed to be slightly thicker than the hemp material, which means that it has more substance and is more durable. The paper has been significantly improved for machine application, as well as hand application. We have spent months developing this new solution, and we are pleased to see that our regular customers already love it!

Our Recycle-Friendly Hemp custom labels have been discontinued entirely, but we think that our new natural sugar cane labels will be able to meet your needs perfectly!

Our custom printed labels are available in the following materials:

Natural Compostable Sugar Cane

White Wet Strength 100% Recycled PWC

100% Recycled Kraft

The materials used for our print-ready blank labels has not changed! Our blank labels are still available in  Compostable Hemp, Recycled Friendly Hemp, and White 100% Recycled PCW.

If you have any questions about these changes or questions about any of our labels, please feel free to contact us via our  contact form, or by phone +1.773.276.4554

If you would like to request samples, please use our  sample request form.