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Buy 2 Get 1 Free Recycle Friendly Address & Shipping Labels

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ecofriendly shipping labels

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re going to be sending lots of cards and packages. If you’re an eco-friendly business you may have spent some time carefully selecting a recycled or sustainable option for the holiday cards your business will be sending to customers or clients. Did you know that there are also sustainable options for shipping and address labels?

With all of the paper waste generated during the holidays we’re going to be doing a lot of recycling, so it makes sense to choose recycle-friendly address and shipping labels! Regular adhesive labels break into small particles during recycling, these tiny particles are very difficult to remove from the paper slurry and end up contaminating the recycling process.

PURE Labels Recycle-Friendly labels are made with adhesives that have been engineered to clump together during the recycling process and therefore can be easily screened out and separated so as not to contaminate the paper slurry. They are the preferred choice in situations where the label is expected to be recycled along with other paper-based packaging - meaning the label on a paper packaging can be simply recycled together without contaminating the recycled paper.

We have a special offer for you!

PURE Labels Recycle Friendly Hemp Address and Shipping Labels are currently Buy 2 Get 1 Free! This means that when you buy two 25-sheet packs, you receive a third pack for free - That’s a total of 2250 address labels for the price of 1500, or 750 shipping labels for the price of 500!



Recycle-Friendly Hemp Address Labels


Recycle-Friendly Hemp Shipping Labels

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