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You've gone the extra mile by choosing eco-friendly bottles for your natural juice or artisan soda, but what about the label?

Compostable, recyclable, or recycled labels are perfect for building your sustainable beverage brand image and to help set your product apart on crowded grocery store shelves.

Your could even choose PURE Labels recyclable labels and delight your customers by letting them know that they don't have to spend time on the tedious process of removing labels from glass bottles before putting them out for recycling!

Take a look at our custom label optionslearn more about our sustainable label materials, or contact us to discuss your needs.


 superior culture labels

*White Semi-Gloss Coated Custom Printed Labels, Compostable & Recyclable

"Superior Culture is a small kombucha brewery located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a passion for producing health food in an environmentally friendly manner.

By working with local farms and businesses, we hope to minimize waste while supporting our local economy. Elevate Packaging labels enable us to reclaim empty bottles collected from the community, remove the label and sanitize the glass with no sticky residue, and reuse the bottle for the next batch. This process reduces our dependence on the costly shipment of glass. Labels that are made from 100% recycled materials and composted on local farms allow us to feel better about our business's environmental footprint as we strive to nourish the local public."

- Alex Rowland, Superior Culture

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