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How to Get 5% Off Your Order? 


2% Discount #1

 Add one of these messages to your label artwork

   Changing Labels For Good. PURE Labels are 100% Compostable.

   Changing Labels For Good. PURE Labels are 100% Recycle-friendly.

100% Compostable & Recycled Labels from  

Put this message anywhere on your label artwork in any size font.  If you have a front and back label, you can put these only on the back labels and still get the discount on the front label. Once the artwork is ready we will review to give the thumbs up.  Let us know if you have any questions.

If you prefer a variation on the message/wording, that is ok too! Feel free to also mention the labels are Vegan, Natural, Tree-free, 100% PCW, FSC-certified, Natural, or Sugarcane depending upon the label material selected. Please be certain the claims are accurate, and ask us to review the wording!


2% Discount #2

Share your sustainable packaging story on your website and social media too! 

To make it easier, feel free to use this wording as a starting point: 

We care about using eco-friendly packaging. We use PURE Labels for our 100% compostable/recyclable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and know that each sustainable packaging choice we make matters!

To be eligible for the website 2% discount, this message must contain a link to and be accessible from a primary link or top nav link on your primary website. The text will need to be at same or larger font size as the web pages main text.  (note: the complete message must be searchable text).

The message must be posted at the time of order and before labels are shipped.  Once the website is updated with this sustainable packaging message, let us know we will share and promote the link through our social media channels!

5% Discount when you do BOTH 

If the PURE Labels message is in your label artwork and also on your website, we thank you and provide a total of 5% discount off the cost of the labels!

Note:  These discounts may not be combined with any other discounts, offers, or promotions.  Elevate Packaging has the right to refuse or terminate this offer at their sole discretion without advance notice.

Thanks for sharing your sustainable commitment! To receive the 5% discount, place the order directly with us by phone (773-276-4554). This discount is for custom printed labels only, and not valid with any other discounts or offers.



Label Artwork Specifications


It makes good sense to check your designs (and spelling) before sending them for printing - corrections or modifications made after the proofing stage may incur extra charges and time since the entire pre-press process will need to be repeated to incorporate revised files. We offer label design and brand design services if needed.

Please confirm your artwork is prepared as follows:

File Format

Please send each artwork in PDF (outline) format. All text must be converted to outlines or paths, dependent on software. Artwork and PDF's must be created using CMYK (please do not use graphics made with RGB or other formats).

If it is critical to ensure a color match, provide the specific CMYK color and a physical printed item showing the color to match. Please see "Color Matching Precision" below for further details.

Unfortunately we are unable to print labels from other non-design software for example Photoshop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher.

Individual Files for each Artwork

Each artwork must be provided as an individual PDF document with layers and fonts saved in outline form. If you have more than one file, please send them in one zip file.


Your labels will be printed with industry leading full-color digital printing technology. Consequently, image resolution is extremely important to ensure correct color and clarity. All files must have a resolution of at least 300 d.p.i. at actual size.

Before submitting label artwork, we recommend printing your artwork to ensure the die lines and sizing are correct and to scale. You can do this by printing the PDF using Print To Size (without scaling).

Paper Background & White Color

Any WHITE area on the artwork will not have any ink printed - it will show the paper/packaging. However if you would actually like an area to be covered with WHITE ink, specify in your quote request and purchase order there is a layer of white in the artwork. The White layer must be the bottom layer of the art file and white is typically represented as the color fuscia (or other color that is not in the art already). We call this bottom layer the "whiteplate".

Note that there is a nominal charge to use White ink, and it must be requested at the time of quote request. A quote must have expressly listed White Ink if required.

Reminder: Everything that shows as white in the artwork will not be printed white.


If there is a "bleed" on the artwork, please include bleeds of at least 1/8" beyond where the dieline will be. (e.g., when making an illustrator document, put .125 bleeds in the dialogue box)

Die Lines

Within Illustrator make the dieline a spot color (dieline=100Y,100M). Put the spot color over the label on a separate layer and tell the stroke to overprint. To help us determine the dimension of the die and how you wish the die to be cut on the artwork, please indicate the dimensions of the label on the artwork by using hashmarks.

IMPORTANT: Please double-check your art by printing the PDF of your label and measuring the die-lines with a ruler to ensure they are accurate. (Thanks for doing this! It helps avoid delays and extra costs).


Allow at least 1/8" of clear space inside the die-line to allow for slight shifts during die-cutting. (i.e. do not place significant design elements or text within 1/8" from an edge).

We suggest not to use decorative borders around the circumference of the label since labels may appear off-center if there is even a slight shift of 1/32" in the die cut.

Text and Fonts

Texts should have a line thickness of at least 0.003" for best quality.


All barcodes are created in-house, even if art was provided to ensure proper scanning.

It’s important to make sure the barcode isn’t too big or too small for both your label and scanners. In general, bigger barcodes and UPCs are easier to scan, but your options may depend on your design and total label space.

A typical barcode measures 1.469 inches wide by 1.02 inches high, but you can adjust the size as necessary as long as you stay between the following minimum and maximum recommended barcode sizes:

Minimum – 1.175” wide by .816” high
Maximum – 2.938” wide by 2.04” high

Color Matching Precision

If any colors must be matched exactly, this is possible with using a spectograph matching process. If colors must be matched to existing materials, a sample material with that color must be sent to us for spectrograph analysis and matching.

Please bear in mind that achieving precise color matching may also be dependent upon the label substrate (e.g. darker kraft paper or natural sugarcane will require 2-4 hits of white ink behind the color to match Pantones). If you prefer to reference Pantone (PMS) colors, be sure to only reference the PMS SOLID Pantone Book. 

By default, we coat all printed labels with varnish to protect the inks, so a Pantone code for coated materials (Pantone number will end in "C") should be used. 

We will do our best to achieve the desired color match.  If a physical production print check is required, that may be specifically requested (fees apply).

Ink Coverage

PURE Labels sustainable materials are not recommended for 'flood coated' or heavy ink coverage label graphics.  It's just not sustainable - and counter to the point of sustainable adhesive label stickers.

PURE Labels printed with artwork having heavy ink coverage are accepted exclusively at the full risk of the customer. 


Adding a Sustainability Message


You'll have sustainability leadership bragging rights when you use PURE Labels™.

PURE Labels™ is the FIRST and ONLY label producer offering exclusively sustainable PSA labels which are uniquely socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly! It’s the first and only compostable adhesive label made with truly non-engineered natural plant fiber. PURE Labels™ are 100% compostable, tree-free and vegan.

Thanks for joining this revolution of change! Brag all you want! You're using the world's most sustainable label!

Examples of wording you may add to your artwork:

Changing Labels For Good. Pure Labels™ are 100% Compostable (or 100% Natural or 100% Recycled, etc. depending upon the label chosen) 


Save Money on Multiple Art Changes 


Save money by gang-printing your various label designs! You may change up the artwork as needed for the same sized labels with little additional cost when you print them together in the same order. For example if you had a 4" circle but needed 1000 "red" and 4000 "green" - you could get them all at the 5000 label price with a small charge for the art change. This is a great way to save money. The minimum quantity of labels per artwork is 500 labels. If you have more than one artwork, simply send them as one ZIP file and list the quantity and file name of each label. (specific pricing is provided at time of order).